There’s Nothing Cuter Than This Pit Bull’s Little Adopted Kitten Princess

Who says you can’t pick your own family? Bubba the pit bull terrier has lovingly adopted Rue the kitten as his little sister.

“I rescued Bubba six years ago from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona, when he was 3-months-old,” his owner Becca Pizzelo told ABC News. “At the same time, my roommate had rescued a litter of kittens that had to be bottle fed until old enough for adoption. Bubba showed an endless affection for cats. Literally obsessed.”

Recently, before moving to New York City, Becca figured Bubba would enjoy some company on their long journey, so she started searching for a kitten-pit bull companion.

Once Becca got a call from a rescue shelter about a new litter of kittens and went to meet them, Rue, with her bright orange coat, stood out from all the rest.

Pizzelo signed the adoption papers and Bubba and Rue were immediately in love: the pooch treats her like a little princess–bathing her in kisses and cuddles, and keeping a watchful eye on her kingdom.

(WATCH the video above featuring the adorable duo)

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