Pit Bull Protects Monroe County Family From Coyote Attack

MONROE COUNTY, Georgia – Monroe County woman says a coyote tried to attack her children on Thursday morning while they were waiting for the school bus.

Skylar Wilkerson is ready in case the coyote that terrorized his family on Thursday morning comes back.

“I would have never thought, when I came out of my door that morning I’d be charged at by a coyote.” said Tara Wilkerson.

Wilkerson says she was in the kitchen when she heard screaming. She ran out of the house to get to her kids, when she found out, the family pet had already sprung into action.

Their pitbull Drako was injured on his nose but was able to scare the coyote off.

“He saved us. He’s a good baby,” said Wilkerson.

“There are tons of em right here in Monroe county, but as far as preying on people or encounters with humans, most of the time they’re going to run the other way,” said Wooley

“I’m scared that either somebody’s kid, or somebody’s dog is going to end up getting killed,” said Wilkerson. So for Wilkerson, to avoid any more close encounters, she is keeping her kids and a baseball bat close by.


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